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Brexit: Join the F*cking Dots

ET VOILA! A COMPENDIUM OF BREXIT QUOTES AND PERNICIOUS BULLSHITTERY. A BIG* FUN BOOK OF LIES. (*it's not that big a book. The lies were big) HERE ARE THE ARCHITECTS AND CHEERLEADERS OF BREXIT IN WORDS (their own), PICTURES (of them), PERTINENT INFOGRAPHICS AND DOT-TO-DOT CHILD'S PLAY. We've written out all the dotty, honestly-they-really-said-that things right next to their dotty faces, just so it's really f***king clear when you are trying to connect the dots and make sense of the bigger picture here. You want to know how this happened? JOIN THE F***ING DOTS
Product Overview
ISBN 9780753733356
Author(s) Jamie Whyte,
Publisher Octopus Publishing Group
Pages 64
Format Hardback
Weight 0.0 lb